Vision is a modern data-driven platform, leveraging AI to support utilities in forecasting and planning for the decarbonised and decentralised grid of the future

The sticking point

The energy transition is impacting the power grid at every level, from large scale renewable connections, to customers making the switch to electric vehicles and installing rooftop solar and home batteries at an ever faster pace. This brings new challenges to utilities. They must rethink how they operate and the tools they use to succeed in this transition to a decarbonised and decentralised power system.

Our solution

Blunomy developed Vision, leveraging years of collaboration with utilities at the forefront of this transition. Vision is a modern data-driven platform, built to support utilities in planning efficiently for the decarbonised and decentralised grid of the future.

Key benefits

Vision supports teams in regulation, strategy, billing, planning and forecasting:

  • Automating data processing and empowering forecasters to capture both uncertainty (through scenarios) and risks (through probabilistic trace forecasts)
  • Providing network planners with a unified platform to identify emerging thermal or voltage constraints down to low-voltage level granularity
  • Helping strategy teams explore the possible futures of the grid, assess impact of business or policy choices, and drive evidence-based decision making
  • Offering regulation and pricing teams with a robust platform to forecast investment and revenue, and with trusted evidence to engage regulators and stakeholders

Over the past 5 years, Vision has established itself as the leading forecasting and planning platform in Australia.

Learn more on the Vision website.