Let’s get right to the point: we believe that if we put everything we have into inventing new rules for a new economy, the best is yet to come. We want to play a role in creating these innovative rules and tools, beginning with new ways to define what success is. So, who are we? We’re the Blunomists: a unique breed of highly experienced business explorers and experts who provide the multidisciplinary skills that are so often fragmented today. We believe breaking silos is the only way to move towards a regenerative society that’s decarbonized, circular and inclusive. We made the decision to join forces in 2022 and we partner with financial institutions, businesses and entrepreneurs that want to break the mold to ensure the transition of their resources from brown to green. Are you one of them? Let’s work together to get change done!

Find out a bit more about us withIsabelle Kocher de Leyritz and Vincent Kientz

What we do

We are a unifying force

We bring together (often fragmented) teams and in-depth industrial knowledge to develop solutions.

Experienced business leaders
Strategic and financial advisers
Data scientists
Energy, carbon & resource expertise
Impact expertise
Supply chain & coalition engagement experience

We get change done

  • We work with players to build their roadmaps and crack transition challenges, without shying away from complexity.
  • We help develop new powerful and sustainable business models and transform old ones. How? By providing expertise, operational solutions, data-based solutions, impact measurement and monetization tools.
  • We leverage in-depth industrial knowledge to help financial institutions channel money to players that are transitioning fast and provide funding for the scale-up of promising and impactful models.
  • We're big believers in the unifying force of coalitions. We cross-fertilize knowledge and technology.

Key figures

around the world: Paris, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Sydney

make up our core staff, alongside a growing community of talents, external experts and partners

+300projects every year

How we work

We put our heart and soul into it

We “do with”: we’re action-oriented and offer much more than merely advisory services.

We do “whatever it takes”: we find solutions and share the risks as we work towards success.

We don’t consider money when helping social entrepreneurs access essential infrastructure.

Where we’re going

We’re excited about what’s next

In the last 12 months

  • We’ve joined forces: Enea Consulting (a pioneering energy and climate strategy team with 15 years’ experience) and Isabelle Kocher de Leyritz, an accomplished leader in business transformation
  • We’ve been joined by key business leaders who provide vital expertise in supply chains, agribusiness and nature-based solutions
  • We’ve massively expanded our teams and opened new international offices

In the next 12 months

  • We’ll strengthen the Blunomist community: their deeply held beliefs are reflected in their day-to-day work, ensuring a truly committed and optimistic team
  • We’ll launch new digital solutions to better measure impact and transition speed and accelerate critical infrastructure resilience
  • We’ll build partnerships to connect virtuous business models with available funding sources

Who we work with

We partner with go-getters

If you want to break the mold and join forces, if you think that it’s all about transition speed, then you’re the partner for us, whatever your starting point. We’re thrilled to work with:

  • Financial institutions that want to decarbonize their portfolios, invent new ways to measure performance and channel resources from brown to green
  • Companies that are interested in developing truly sustainable business models and supply chains and showcasing their efforts
  • Entrepreneurs and tech experts that are driven by a desire to invent and scale virtuous technologies and business models

Why Wait?

Are you looking to move to a virtuous business model? Now’s the time.

Let's get it done

Join us!

Ready to make change happen?

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