in partnership with Meridiam

Simpl (Sustainability Impact Measurement Platform)

To accelerate the transition of long-term infrastructure portfolio investments of asset managers towards sustainability and identify new, impact-driven opportunities, Meridiam and Blunomy co-developed an innovative impact assessment tool, known as Simpl.

The sticking point

Reallocating capital to the areas where it will have the greatest impact requires a clear vision on what contributes effectively to long-term sustainable objectives. To do so, asset managers, and their portfolio and impact managers, need to assess, monitor and improve the impact of their investments.  

Our solution

Working with Meridiam, Blunomy developed a tool to assess the contribution of infrastructure assets to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its value lies in its adaptability: featuring specialised indicators, it can be tailored to different infrastructure asset classes. Simpl calculates a rating based on established, localised and benchmarked performance indicators and makes it possible to identify the potential to improve the impact of a wide variety of assets throughout the investment cycle.

Key benefits

The tool was designed to be easy to use, hence its name: Simpl (Sustainability Impact Measurement Platform). The interface, which can be used to monitor assets, funds and organisations, has been developed to enable Meridiam and its investors to rapidly measure progress and improve performance, using a shared language. The intuitive user experience ensures ease of use for all stakeholders.

In addition to providing a key element with which to improve asset impact, Simpl makes it possible for its users to measure the impact of potential new investments and allocate capital to promising projects.